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Book Review | Waco: A Survivor's Story

The book "Waco: A Survivor's Story" on a wood table

Hey y'all! This is my first book review on here, and I'm super excited to share content like this more often. Before I jump into the review, I want to give y'all some context around my rating scale. I will be rating every book between 1-5 stars. A one star rating means I strongly dislike the book, two stars means I didn't like it, three stars means I enjoyed it, four stars means really like it and five stars means I LOVE the book and will rave about it for the rest of my life! It's really rare for me to give a book five stars, so just know if you ever see it, I mean it! Now, let's jump into today's book!

Friday Favorites

Earrings and necklace on blue keepsake dish

Today has already been an especially happy Friday! Instead of going into the office, the company I work for had us all spend our day volunteering at various organizations around Kansas City. It was a beautiful day (it's slowly starting to feel like fall!) to be outside and help do some lawn work for a small animal shelter. Now I'm about to go get my nails done with my mom, and I think today is the day I switch over to fall colors! I'm deciding between burgundy or a dark orange... Also, the earrings in the photo above are currently on sale! I think they're so pretty for fall, so I linked them below. 

Fall Reading List

Stack of books in front of pumpkin

You will never find me more content than when I'm snuggled up on the couch with Aspen and a new book. Since March, I have made a lot more time for reading. Currently, I have a list of 50 books I want to read that only grows by the day... Fall seems to be the time of year when all of my favorite authors come out with a new book. Excited is an understatement, and now I'm looking forward to all the cozy days at home even more! So, let's get into the books I'm planning on reading this season!

Back to Blogging

Autumn sitting at her desk with laptop

Hi there! After nearly a year and a half hiatus, I'm super excited to say that I'm back to blogging! I haven't written on here in so long that now I feel like I'm the epitome of an early 2000s rom com – in my early 20s, sitting on my bed, typing my thoughts on my computer. The only other thing I need is a cheesy voiceover playing in the background haha! 

Pink Striped Peplum

Today is the best! ...said no one ever the day before a psychology exam. Just kidding! While I'm definitely not looking forward to studying for my exam, Grey's Anatomy is on tonight, and that automatically makes Thursdays the best day of the week! Also, it's another pretty spring day, which gives me an excuse to break out allllll the pink – like this striped peplum top! The shape is so flattering and feminine, and the linen-like material makes it absolutely perfect for warmer weather. I bought this top from a boutique in New Orleans last spring, but Madewell has a very similar style out right now that I'm sure y'all will love, too! 

4 Easy Ways to Stay Up-To-Date on the News

I'm naturally a curious person, and I will not hesitate to fact check anything that comes out of someone's mouth (my teenage sister can probably vouch for how annoying it gets sometimes haha!) But gosh, I'm a print journalism major, and even I can't remember the last time I opened a physical newspaper. Maybe it's just part of getting older or the current social climate, but at one point, I felt like my Facebook feed and Google were no longer cutting it, which is when I made the intentional decision to become more well-informed on what's going on in the world on a daily basis. Thankfully, the digital landscape has made it easier than ever, and today, I want to share with y'all the four tools I've found to be both the most convenient and educational! 

Weekly Favorites

Happy Saturday, y'all! This week has been one of little sleep for me. I started my 6-week class on Monday, and I'm not sure how I feel about having 8 a.m. classes every day of the week now... I even had to wake up early this morning, too, and I'm fighting every urge in me to take a nap right now! Also, I'm not sure how many of you watch This Is Us, but I finally watched the season three finale this morning, and it left my heart in shreds! I always forget how much I love this show, and now I literally cannot wait until season four in September. This may be a little dramatic, but I'm convinced that waiting for the next season of a show has to be one of the agonizing things we endure. But, enough of that, let's get into my weekly favorites now!