Fall Playlist

1. Leave the Night On                 Sam Hunt

The sun'll steal the magic from us soon 
So let's take one more trip around the moon

2. House Party                             Sam Hunt

You're on the couch, blowing up my phone                                
You don't want to come out, but you don't want to be alone

3. Where It's At                           Dustin Lynch

It's at 2 a.m. when she's reachin' over
Faded t-shirt hanging off her shoulder

4. Blank Space                             Taylor Swift 

'Cause, darlin', I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream

5. Shotgun Rider                           Tim McGraw

Only God knows where we'll go 
Don't matter as long as I've got your love

6. Drive Me Crazy                         Kip Moore

I guess she liked the way I made her laugh
She wanted more than what friends have
She kissed me once and we never looked back

7. Burnin' It Down                         Jason Aldean

You keep on flirtin' cause you know that it's workin'
You stuck in my head girl writing the lines

8. Break Up in a Small Town         Sam Hunt

She's leaving those same marks in someone else's yard 
In someone else's arms right down the road

9. Mind Reader                               Dustin Lynch

You play it off a little shy but baby, you're a heart stealer 
And right here in this car

10. Wildest Dreams                        Taylor Swift 

Say you'll remember me standing in a nice dress,
Staring at the sunset, babe

11. 17 Again                                   Brantley Gilbert

But now it's you and me talking on the phone til 4 a.m.
About anything and everything

12.  Speakers                                 Sam Hunt

I softly kiss your neck, and slowly whisper 
You breathe in 'cause it feels cold where my lips were 

13. Ex To See                                Sam Hunt

Girl you look kinda cute, called out
You're making it hard to have hard feelings for you now

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