Spot On

This outfit is perfect for those fall days when it's comfortable during the daytime but cooler at night. I wore this outfit to Matthew's band concert; it was late afternoon, so I was a little warm before hand, but I knew I would be out that night when it got chilly in which I don't handle the cold well at all.

After Matthew's concert, we hung out with some of my best friends in the parking lot and goofed around. Then, Matthew and I went out to dinner at Cheddar's. I was extremely hesitant to go to that restaurant though, not because I had had a bad experience or anything, rather, the name of the restaurant itself just freaks me out. At dinner Matthew and I both had chicken strips and mac & cheese. I know what you're thinking, are we little kids?? But what can I say, it's hard to screw that up, and I was just wanting something simple to eat that night. Also, Cheddar's ended up being a lot better than I thought! 

Afterwards, Matthew and I decided to go joke around with my best friend Madi, so we went over to her house on our way home and pretended to ask her to Homecoming since no one had asked her yet. She enjoyed it very much!

I am a vest-aholic...I have way too many, but they are the comfiest and most versatile layering piece by far. I especially like this one from J.Crew because the color is such a magnificent burgundy, I love the quilted pattern, and the gold accents make it look much nicer. I added the leopard print scarf with the outfit to add a little statement piece to spice up the outfit. A perk to wearing a scarf with a vest is that if you're wearing a semi-sheer top underneath, you don't have to wear a camisole under because the vest and scarf will cover the revealing part!

This outfit is so comfortable and fun. It is perfect cool fall days by keeping you warm yet fashion forward.

Photos by Parrish Tenley

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