Sweater Weather

Top (TJ Maxx) . Sweater (similar) . Leggings . Riding Boots 

I wore this outfit to Matthew's family's Halloween party this past weekend. Some of his family came over for dinner, in which there was a lot of silly little Halloween themed snacks and drinks. I always enjoy the time I get to spend with his family, even though nearly every conversation is based around engineering. If I remember right, the main topics of the night included sugar rockets and thermite, thrilling right? After a nice and warm dinner of hot dogs and chili, we watched the K-State game. During which,  there was an intense discussion about the complexity of women's fashion, such as the goofiness of fuzzy socks, names of patterns such as gingham and chevron, and the difference between yoga pants and leggings. Guys just don't get it.  

This outfit is the epitome of fall in my opinion. The use of jewel tones really compliments the changing leaves and weather. I wanted to look cute, yet not overdressed. Although, when is it ever a bad thing to be overdressed? Plus, it was pretty chilly outside that evening, and I do not handle cold well at all, so the heavy sweater from my favorite boutique, Red Dress Boutique, helped out with that issue. I also used the sweater as a neutral to balance out the bright colors of the top and leggings. 

Pants are just not my thing, so when I found a pair of cheap, burgundy leggings from Forever 21 I was ecstatic. Burgundy is definitely the color I associate most with the fall time. I am also wearing my everyday pearl earrings and gold monogram necklace with this outfit. I wanted to keep the jewelry basic since there was already a lot going on. 

Sweaters and colored leggings are the perfect way to be cute yet comfy during this season.

Photos by Parrish Tenley

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