Set for Spring

While I have not purchased a ton from this particular boutique recently, only because I'm a girl ballin' on a budget (a very tight budget...basically just the change I don't give back to my mom), I couldn't be drooling more over their spring line. Red Dress Boutique, has taken the number one place in my heart once they released their spring clothing. Truth be told, I was starting to lose faith in their clothing choices during the winter time, but they have come back better than ever this season.

A few items have appeared a wee bit overpriced recently unfortunately, for example, a $22 compact mirror? No thank you! On the flip side though, the prices on the majority of their dresses are unbeatable for how cute they are! I don't mind dishing out $48 for a darling dress.

One of the best things about this company is that they really get involved with their buyers. They have covered nearly every social media platform and regularly post new arrivals on their website. I also love how they put together outfits on their website and social media. It provides easy buying and/or inspiration for outfits with items customers currently have.

As of now Red Dress Boutique appears to have a good team behind them and is heading in the right direction for a very successful run.

What I've been drooling over:

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