Lilly for Target Look Book

Even though the Lilly and Target collaboration has left people with mixed emotions, I have always been over-the-moon excited! Lilly has always had a special place in my heart, but I don't have a hefty enough bank account (actually, I don't even have a bank account) to support my obsession. 

Here is what I have my eye on to buy come April 19. 

While, the collaboration is not as spectacular as I was hoping, their bikinis are to die for. I have always LOVED Target's bikinis, and now I can get the colorful, preppy look of Lilly in the great quality and cheapness of a Target swimsuit. Each top is $24 (compared to $68-$78 from the actual Lilly Pulitzer brand). 

As I said before, the clothes aren't as spectacular as I was hoping, but there are a few hidden gems, such as the pom pom shorts and the Urchin For You top. 

The products for the home are super cute though! Unfortunately, I have no need for them currently as I'm just going off to college next year, but maybe I'll snag the pineapple serving bowl and save it. You can never start shopping for you own house too early right?!

You can bet that I will be one of many hopping on my laptop that Sunday morning to snag the long awaited Lilly by Target products! You can check out the look book for yourself here

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