Final 13

Here is a compilation of the last 13 photos on my camera's photo roll for the month of April! 

What an a-peeling date I have to prom, am I right?! He finally decided to ask me with only a week left before the dance. Be expecting a post about the day sometime next week!

I am a member of Student Council at my school, and this is what we decide to do with old dance decorations. 

This past week my school had a banquet for all of the students involved in one of the school publications, so naturally I had to take some pictures.

This picture was taken after Extravaganza, a spring recital for our school's drill team. I love going out to see my best friend dance!

I also recently had a Student Council banquet during which we recreated the picture we had taken exactly a year before. I think I shrunk a little? 

I just thought my cat, Thor, snuggling this puff ball was too cute to not to take a picture of! 

Fun fact, I also have a leopard gecko! 

Yes, I am that beautiful shade of pale...why couldn't I have been graced with my boyfriend's beautifully tan skin tone? 

You all know the joy that overcomes us when this happens... 

My cat watching me shoot pictures for outfit posts. 

So I decided to try my hand at baking and this happened... 

You know you're in the middle of nowhere when... 

My siblings and I on Easter Sunday!

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