Instagram Roundup

It's Friday! What better way to start off the weekend than to get the deets on my recent Instagram outfits... 

Tassel scarf, similar here // Orange v-neck // Cream cardigan, similar here // Navy chino shorts 

This week has been pretty refreshing. On Tuesday I worked at a fundraiser for Safehome, an organization that aids women who are victims of domestic violence. Men had the opportunity to race around a track wearing high heels! Maybe now they will understand what some women go through each day to make their legs look good haha!

I have exciting plans for this weekend as well. Tonight I am going to my school's dance team's spring showcase which is always spectacular, and then tomorrow night I am going on a date with my boyfriend, Matthew. We are going to go see the movie The Longest Ride, which I have been dying to see for like a year now! I read the book a while back, and it is probably one of my top three books that Nicholas Sparks has written, so the movie better not disappoint. (I highly doubt it will though, have you seen the main actor?!)

Hopefully he will also feed me sometime during the night, I mean what better way to a girl's heart than through her stomach right?!

What are y'all's plans for the weekend? I'd love to know!

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