Final 13

Here is a compilation of the last 13 photos on my camera roll for the month of May. 

A picture of the super yummy cake from my graduation party yesterday. 

The dessert table from my graduation party. 

My mom is a ballet teacher, so we were steaming tutus for her performance coming up. 

Just a quick selfie of my boyfriend and I at his graduation party!

Accepting my diploma at graduation! May I mention that it was raining and freezing...but hey, onto the next chapter in life. 

Us three have been best friends for just about all of high school, and we finally graduated! 

A quick picture with my favorite sophomore after graduation. I'm going to miss this little one so much next year! 

Again, us three on the bus on the way to the graduation "after party". 

Matthew and I after the senior breakfast and awards ceremony the morning of graduation. Why couldn't they have chosen another day to do this...let us sleep in!

Another one of my good friends and I at her graduation party. The weather was beautiful! 

You think he's comfy?! I thought the way his arms were while he was sleeping was so funny! 

Subway seriously has the greatest peanut butter cookies...or cookies in general. Like if I could only have one type of sweets for the rest of my life I would choose Subway's cookies. 

My cat sleeps next to me every single night, but lately she has been laying her head on the pillow just like a human! 

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