Senior Prom

This past Saturday I had my senior prom. *tear* It was a wonderful night with my handsome date Matthew. It was a super hectic weekend, but I'm glad I was still able to allow myself to relax and have fun that night; it was definitely a night to remember. 

First off, I reallyyy was not planning on getting a strapless dress. I did that last year, and I regretted it the entire night. But I fell in love with this La Femme dress  and made it work. It was taken in a lot better this time and I actually ended up with no issues! Also, he did a great job matching his bow tie didn't he?!

I especially love the mesh and lace detailing on the back! And yes, I'm wearing sandals. I've never worn flats to a dance before, but honestly who really cares? I was wearing a long dress so no one could really see them, plus I hate the feeling of how dirty my feet get when I'm barefoot at the dance. Yuck!

This is probably the one thing about high school dances I won't miss. I'm pretty sure this was only the second time I pinned on the boutonniere myself successfully. 

He has the easy job!

Isn't this corsage gorgeous though?! 

Here are just some other various pictures of us two... 

Prom dress // Embellished sandals (they're in stores just not online), similar here // Earrings (local pageant boutique), similar here 

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