Final 13

Here is a compilation of the last 13 photos on my camera roll for the month of June. 

This is what what my mom found in my little brother's pockets as she was doing laundry: a crawfish claw and a penny... 

My boyfriend Matthew and I decided that my cat Thor looks more fashion forward when wearing Mardi Gras beads around the house.

On our mini road trip back from a wedding in Springfield, Matthew ended up on the sunny side of the car, so naturally he used an umbrella to block it! 

Just a casual selfie...can you tell I'm ready for the 4th?! 

One day my family decided to go out to one of our favorite pizza places, Imo's Pizza, for lunch! 

My mom had been wanting rocking chairs for our front porch for quite awhile now, and I found out that one of our neighbors was getting rid of one so we snatched that up real quick! All we need to do now is clean it up a little bit!

Is there such thing as too many selfies with your cat? 

As I said...but this one was when I was trying to pack for my weekend in Springfield and she kept laying on top of my bag.

You know that glorious moment when you find a pen that you absolutely love to write with? This was one of those moments.

My cat Sateen frequently has conversations with a chipmunk outside.

Double dating at the drive-in to see Jurassic World!

I may or may not take too many pictures of my cats.

Like I said...

Well that's all for the month of June, I honestly didn't take too many pictures this month! I'll try to be more interesting next month!

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