Final 13

Here is a compilation of the last 13 photos on my camera roll for the month of July! 

P.S. You may think I'm a crazy cat lady by the end of this post...

A couple weeks ago my siblings and I went to Golden Corral for dinner with our grandparents, therefore we had to take a cute sibling picture! Golden Corral is seriously one of my favorite restaurants of all time. Now that may sound weird, but their rolls are seriously to die for...I think I had five or six that night... 

One of my favorite parts about going to the country club is their pizza!! It is so incredibly good! 

I will never understand why cats insist on fitting in the smallest containers, but it was definitely funny watching her squeeze into this little basket! 

I stumbled into The Monogram Shop a couple days ago, which is never a good idea for my wallet, but I saw the cutest key fobs! If you have some purple pride like me, you can purchase this Smathers & Branson key fob here. Go Cats! 

Let's be real, gel manicures are great and all until your nails start growing out and you don't want to go back to the nail salon to get them properly removed... Well somehow, all of my gel nail polish starting coming off in one piece on each nail! It was so much better than having to chip away at the polish. 

My family went to a pool party at one of my mom's friend's houses, and while sitting by the pool is great and all, I can definitely say playing with this little kitten was the highlight of the night! It's name was Shadow, and not only was it unbearably adorable because it's a kitten but it was my dream cat! I just really, really, really want a gray cat and an Australian shepherd when I'm older.

So I have this serious dilemma...I have the hardest time painting my nails. It used to not be an issue because almost my entire life I couldn't wear nail polish that often because of cheerleading, but now I can barely paint my fingernails much less my toe nails. Thank goodness I have such a nice little brother! He'll be a great husband one day, right?!

You could say Thor wasn't too happy that I took a Snapchat of him.

I am a die hard Bachelor/Bachelorette fan, and it was really funny watching my little brother really get into the show during the finale! SPOILER ALERT! Can I just say I loved Shawn from the very first episode! I'm so happy him and Kaitlyn ended up together; they seem to be a great match and extremely happy when they are together! 

Just one of those super casual moment when you come home from running errands to find your cat pretending to be a beach towel. 

I honestly have no idea why this picture was saved on my camera roll; it's just some random snapchat I sent to Matthew. 

Yes, most of these pictures are just snapchats I saved, but I saved this one because I found it hilarious that I caught her mid-lick!

Well that's all until next month! I hope y'all all have a fabulous weekend! 

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