Instagram Roundup

Gray v-neck (Aerie), similar here (buy 1 get 1 half off!) // White statement necklace (Charming Charlie), similar here

Even though the lady who does my nails questioned me many times, I think getting white nails was such a good choice! 

I wore this outfit for a casual night at Matthew's house. We ate some pizza with his dad (Alfredo sauce instead of tomato sauce is surprisingly good on pizza) and then we had a little Disney karaoke session later! (otherwise known as my favorite thing to do)

And why is my skin so pink you may ask? Well because I may or may not have been burned to a crisp....

This outfit was worn to my sister's birthday dinner with our grandparents; we went to Golden Corral, and let me tell you...I could eat their rolls and honey butter for breakfast, lunch and dinner! 

White tee (Gap), similar here // Navy chino shorts // Palm print scarf (Forever 21, still in stores), similar here // Similar brown crossbody purse // Gold watch // Bracelets

I snatched this scarf up the second I saw it in Forever 21! I have been looking for one like it all summer, and the best part was was that it was under $10! It can't get much better than that. I wore this outfit to my sister's birthday dinner with our family. She's a teenager now...scary.

Blog post // Coral romper // Navy cardigan (American Eagle), similar here // Similar gold monogram necklace

It had been kind of dreary and rainy here so I wasn't able to get out much to take some fun Instagram pictures, so I just posted this beautiful one from an old blog post!

I absolutely love the weekends I'm able to spend at the country club, and wearing this super cute cover up was just the icing on the cake!

Navy and white striped tank (J.Crew), similar here // White chino shorts // Red belt // Pearl studs

This was my 4th of July outfit. I spent the entire daytime at the pool with my family, and then during the evening I went with Matthew's family to go eat dinner and watch firework's at a friend's farm!

Gray v-neck (Aerie), similar here // Pink scalloped shorts // Embellished sandals // White statement necklace (Charming Charlie), similar here

Literally all I did in this outfit was go get my nails done, but hey, sometimes a girl just wants to dress up!

Lilly Pulitzer dress (the Briella dress from last year), similar here // Rings, similar here

Lilly Pulitzer, white nails and diamonds, oh my!

Lilly Pulitzer dress (the Briella dress from last year), similar here // Lilly Pulitzer pink bow belt (from last year), similar here // Embellished sandals // Similar gold monogram necklace // Pearl studs

This has to be my favorite dress in my entire closet! I love Lilly Pulitzer, and I think this cut and color is very flattering on me. I wore this to Matthew's brother's wedding rehearsal. It was such a fun day!

You know, just a casual nail pic after getting them done...

As I said, I love the pool! (and coral nail polish!)

I was finally able to get my hands on the beautiful Emily Ley daily planner! After being mildly devastated when it was sold out online, I found out that the local store, The Monogram Shop, was still carrying them! I cannot wait to use it in the fall!


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