July 4th Red Trapeze Blouse

For my 4th of July outfit series so far I have included a casual and a dressy outfit, but since the first casual outfit had long sleeves I decided to do another one with a breezy tank top for those who live in the sweltering heat and couldn't bear to be enclosed in tight sleeves all day. I love how bold, bright and clean red looks paired with white, and I think the embellished sandals give just the right amount of a feminine and chic touch without going overboard for the typically casual holiday.

I hope everyone is enjoying their 4th of July Eve, especially since a lot of y'all get the day off work, not like it's much different for me though. You'll be lucky to see me awake anytime before 11:30 am on most days during the summer. Matthew and I are hopefully going to have a fun day together by going to see Ted 2 at some point. Yes, I know it is kind of a crude movie, but I seriously died during the first one! I am also getting super excited for The Fourth; I'm just crossing my fingers that it won't rain! 

What are y'all's plans for this weekend? I'd love to know how you're celebrating Independence Day!


Photos by Parrish Tenley

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