A Quick Getaway

 My family typically takes pretty big summer vacations, but this past year we went New York for Thanksgiving and New Orleans for Mardi Gras and with me starting college this month we decided to keep our summer vacation a little more low-key. So my mom took us to Tan-Tar-A Resort in Osage Beach, Missouri for a few days! 

We ended up staying in this beautiful "room" at the resort; while it was merely a room on the inside the outside of it was gorgeous! It looked like this beautiful house and we had our own dock out back! 

After we checked in we explored the resort a little bit and hung out at the pool for a few hours.

My family loves our mini golf. We rarely have a vacation where we don't play mini golf at some point. but even as much as I've done it in the past I still lost pretty significantly that night! 

Another thing my family loves to do is go horse back riding. We try to fit it in every summer, and it's always a highlight of each trip for me! While this certain trail ride wasn't as exciting as ones in the past, I still enjoyed being around the horses. 

After horseback riding we wen't paddle boating out on the lake, which was a ton of fun! S/O to my mom for paddling us kids around for over an hour almost all by herself. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures during that because I don't trust myself taking my phone or camera out on a paddleboat! After that we also we to the pool again where I'm pretty sure my brother and I threw around a football for about three hours. (Needless to say, my shoulder was very sore the next day)

After a jam packed day in the sun, we cleaned up a little bit and went to the restaurant at the resort. I had to super yummy steak and baked potato, and we also had this really good spinach and artichoke dip, but beware, the restaurant was a little stingy with their bread.

After dinner, we went out on the dock and fed some fish and ducks. It was crazy how many there were! 

We then went out to the little town outside of the resort and went go carting. While, go carting isn't necessarily my favorite thing to do, it was still fun, and my sister loved it! And after go carting, we ended up going mini golfing again at this pirate themed course. My mom also taught me how to swing a club during that game, and I ended up getting a hole in one (which I ended up getting a free game of golf from) and winning the game! 

On our final full day there we spent the morning out on our dock and in the lake, and the slide on our dock turned out to be a ton of fun! After that we obviously hit up the pool one last time, and then we went bowling at the resort that even because it was storming outside. 

On our morning out of town we stopped for a late breakfast at The Pancake House, and let me tell you....the super long wait was totally worth it! I had the best biscuits and gravy of my entire life! Oh my goodness! 

That's all for my quick little getaway to the lake this summer. Tan-Tar-A Resort was a great place to stay and offered so many fun activities for families.

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