Final 13

Here is a compilation of the last 13 photos on my camera roll for the month of August!

It has been a pretty crazy and exciting month for me as I have started my freshman year of college, so bear with me as I am making this lifestyle adjustment!  

If you have not gone to college yet, cherish your pets, nothing prepares you for how much you will miss them! I don't know if my family's pictures of my kitty makes it easier or harder to live without her. 

Every girl does it, don't lie, you text your friends to ask them what they're wearing that night. Well that's exactly what this picture was used for. 

Also, DO NOT STEAM CLOTHES ON YOUR BODY. My best friend Madi and I both wrinkled our shorts while sitting down and we were too lazy to take them off to steam them, so we decided to just steam them while they were still on each other. It was all going fine until I accidentally tilted the steamer a little bit and it spurted out a ton of hot water all over her. So take my advice and just take the shorts off. 

Unfortunately, Madi doesn't go to the same school as me, but she came to my school on Saturday night and we had a super fun night together. 

A quick selfie while walking to the student union to pick up Madi! 

Last week, my school had a group of fire spinners come perform outside of our student union. Needless to say, it was pretty cool, and what event is complete without some quick Snapchat selfies?! 

Perks of having long hair...

Not only are big t-shirts the comfiest clothing ever but they also come in handy when the room is freezing.

Socks and Sperry's...when your sorority gives you some rocking socks and you find a way to wear them every chance possible.

I went through sorority recruitment two weeks ago, and while the process itself was crazy and exhausting. I couldn't be more excited to be an Alpha Xi Delta. This is my pledge class's first group picture. 

It's always nice seeing high school friends on nights out. 

He enjoys my hugs, I promise... 

The day after Bid Night, we had serenades, where a lot of the fraternity pledges go around and serenade the sororities. It was probably one of the funniest experiences of my life! 

Right before serenades we all went out to the zoo. If for some reason you happen to go to the zoo in Manhattan, KS, I would definitely make sure you see the red pandas! They were so darn cute!

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