Final 13

Here is a compilation of the last 13 photos on my camera roll for the month of September!

Beware, this shows some of the realities of college life... 

Rustic Chic

Let me get this out of the way right now, this top is so old, like I actually have no I idea where it came from or how it got into the depths of my wardrobe. Regardless of how old it is, I still think it is such a cute fall blouse. The wooden buttons down the front really bring in a more rustic and fall touch to the top; also, the cut of the blouse creates the illusion of an elongated torso which can be nice. The mix of blues and browns is a very simple yet flattering fall color combination, and the cream cardigan adds the perfect touch of brightness to the look. 

Royal Blue

I will be the first to admit that shift dresses are hard for all body types to pull off, especially if you're on the shorter side, like me. But that's nothing a nice pair of heels can't fix. I especially love this shift dress from Lulu's; they are just the right length for my height! (5'4) I actually have the exact same dress in magenta as well. I have also hopped on the tassel earring trend, and I could not be more in love with them. They are super light and are pretty affordable as well. Some darker colored ones are definitely on my wish list this fall! 

Fall For Fringe

Maroon fringe crop top (Nordstrom), similar here // Black maxi skirt (Forever 21), similar here // Brown Tommy Hilfiger sandals // Similar brown Michael Kors crossbody purse // Gold Wristology watch // Similar gold dangle earrings // Aviator sunglasses

Maxi skirts are probably one of the comfiest and easiest to wear women's clothing items in existence, and they are also the perfect item to pair with a crop top for a more conservative look. I'm not really the type of person who likes to walk around flaunting their midriff (nothing against girls who do, I just don't feel comfortable doing so), so a high waisted maxi skirt is the perfect solution for me. This look is perfect for the weather right now, where it's way too hot to wear most of your fall wardrobe. 

Fall Classic

It's officially the first day of autumn (you could say I'm a little too excited), and even though the weather here in Kansas may not have gotten the memo, we're still one step closer to being able to finally break out our fall clothes. Today I decided to share with y'all a super simple and classic fall outfit. I love peasant cut blouses for the fall; I think they are extremely flattering on many body types and aren't super tight and constricting. This outfit would be perfect for the early fall when you don't quite need to pile on the layers or fuzzy socks under your boots. Rather, this is a cooler look that still incorporates the season's colors and styles. 

Pretty in Plum

As the days start cooling down, it's time to start layering up and taking advantage of the days when you can wear clothing that doesn't require you to shave your legs everyday. One of my favorite fall pieces are maxi dresses because they are effortless and comfortable. The plum color of this one is especially fitting for the fall season with its deep hue, and the light cream cardigan is an ideal light and feminine layering piece. If you're like me, even when the temperature drops into the 60s I need some sort of sweater or jacket...I'm a baby when it comes to chilly weather.

Back in Black

Black tank top (T.J. Maxx), similar here // Black leggings (Victoria's Secret), similar here // Similar black heels // Blue clutch (Francesca's), similar here // Similar gold monogram necklace // Gold Wristology watch // Pearl stud earrings

True story: I used to refuse to wear the color black (except leggings), call me crazy. But since I've been at college I've had to buy several black items, and I'm actually starting to enjoy wearing the color black! I know understand why people call it such a slimming and classic color to wear, and since I'm not at home I don't have to worry about getting cat hair all over me! This outfit would be perfect for going out on the weekend. The spandex shine of the leggings dress up the outfit, so you could replace the heels and still get the same effect. Also, the royal blue clutch pulls out the detailing on the neckline of the blouse. This is yet another perfect transitional outfit for when you're not quite ready to pack away your summer brights. 

Cricket Sweater

I don't think you could possibly find a much preppier sweater than a cricket sweater and pair it with some J.Crew chino shorts and Sperry's, and you're ready to go. Sweaters with shorts is one of the easiest and most typical transition outfits between summer and fall and winter and spring, and once I got my hands on this cricket sweater I knew it would be perfect for those chilly mornings and nights. Another thing I love about these sweaters is that they can make an outfit look both super relaxed and put together at the same time, something a lot of us girls strive for on a daily basis.

Time for Turquoise

Turquoise maxi dress (T.J. Maxx), similar here // Similar pink clutch // Nude heels // Similar gold monogram necklace // Gold Wristology watch // Pearl stud earrings

Turquoise is often viewed as a summer color, but it can also be an amazing transition color from summer to fall. I styled this turquoise maxi dress in a more summery way with the hot pink clutch, but it can easily be transitioned with a few substitutions in the accessory department. For a more fall vibe, I would replace the pink clutch with a large brown purse and slip on a mustard cardigan. Whether you're still trying to extend summer or are hitting the ground running towards the fall time,  a turquoise maxi dress is a perfect addition to your closet. 

Shabby Gator

First let me apologize for being a little MIA lately; I just started college a couple weeks ago, so my life has been a little crazy to say the least. I think I'm starting to adjust and will hopefully start being on a normal schedule again. On the topic of college though, let me tell you it straight: girls don't dress up for class in college. Remember those high school days when everyday you had to basically look runway ready?! Well kiss that goodbye and say hello to your new best friends: Nike shorts (norts) and t-shirts.