Fall Fashion Guide for Men

Now let's be honest, every girl appreciates a guy who knows how to dress well. Now I'm not saying for you to get the men in your life on the latest trends such as the man bun, but hinting at ditching the dreaded cargo shorts and old t-shirts wouldn't hurt. 

My friend Nate was generous enough to share some of his fall outfits, and I have also included a list of my fall essentials for men. 

Striped sweater (Kohl's), similar here // Gray shorts (Kohl's), similar here // Gray shoes // Similar watch 

The best time to wear a striped sweater, is all the time...(because who doesn't love a good Spongebob reference??) Sweaters with shorts are a great combination for the early transitional period of fall when the weather isn't super chilly quite yet except for in the mornings and evenings.


Cream sweater (Kohl's), similar here // Khaki pants // Gray shoes // Similar watch

Unlike us girls who love to play around with the latest patterns and textures, men often tend to stick with pretty neutral outfits. At least they'll never clash with you in photos though! 


Navy quarter zip (JCPenney), similar here // Khaki pants // Brown shoes // Similar watch

This outfit is my favorite of the four outfits Nate decided to share. I will be the first to admit that I prefer a preppier style on men, and how can a guy go wrong with a solid quarter zip and khakis? Oh that's right, he can't. I would without a doubt say that fall colored quarter zips such as, navy, maroon, forest green and plum are the number one thing to invest in when it comes to fall clothing for men. 


I'm typically not super into many of the trendier pieces for guys; I'm more of a classic button down or quarter zip with khakis kind of girl, but I have been pretty fond of the sweaters with the buttons on top lately. While not all guys can pull it off, I can definitely appreciate one that can! 


Fall Essentials 

And finally, how can you have a photoshoot with a guy without some hilarious bloopers??

Have a great weeekend! 

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