Burnt Orange

DRESS: Forever 21 (less than $20!) | PURSE: New Look | EARRINGS: Loren Hope (Rocksbox c/o) | WATCH: Wristology | LIPS: Revlon (shade "sultry")

Don't be fooled, the end of summer doesn't mean it's the end of maxi dress season. Earth and jewel tone maxi dresses can be the ideal feminine transitional piece for this untraditionally warm fall weather. Believe it or not, I actually purchased this dress from Forever 21. (crazy right?!) I'll give it to Forever 21; while a lot of their pieces are poor quality items that I wouldn't dare wear after my freshman year of high school, sometimes you can find a hidden gem in the lot. And this dress right here was one of those gems. Not only was it less than $20, it is also amazing quality and the neckline is to die for. 

Fall is known for its earth and jewel tones, so mixing the burnt orange dress with a pair of sparkly teal statement earrings was perfect for the season. I got these gorgeous Loren Hope earrings through Rocksbox, a subscription jewelry box service (more on that Friday), and I could not be happier with them. I am often hesitant when it comes to statement earrings because they have a tendency to be awful heavy and uncomfortable, but these, while substantial enough to know they are nice quality, do not weigh down your ears at all! (I even forgot I was wearing them sometimes)

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