Rocksbox Unboxing

I never used to be a huge jewelry person. I had my everyday necklace and earrings, and I was content with that. Recently that has started to change though, as I have been more interested in trying out different jewelry trends, but I still cannot justify spending more than $20 on jewelry that I don't know if I'm going to wear a lot. (call me cheap) That's where Rocksbox comes in. Rocksbox, a jewelry subscription box, is the solution to both every jewelry hoarder and skeptic out there.

Here's how it works: 

Once you get to the Rocksbox website you start off by taking a "style survey" and add pieces you love to your "wish list". Pieces for you box are then hand selected by a personal stylist based off the results from your style survey and personal requests. The box is then mailed in a reusable mail bag (read the instructions when opening it, I made that mistake), and your box even comes with a return label, how convenient! It is then like Christmas morning as you open you little white box full of three surprise pieces that you get to wear on loan as long as you wish, and once you get tired of your pieces and want to switch them out for new ones, all you have to do is send it back. But if you receive a piece that you just cannot imagine splitting with, Rocksbox gives you the super easy option of simply purchasing the piece at a discounted price on their website so you don't have to send it back! 

Long story short, for only $19 a month you get to borrow three designer pieces of jewelry (valued up to $200), switch out the three pieces whenever you want and be able to purchase pieces you love at a discounted price. Rocksbox even gives you $10 a month to apply towards a purchase! We're basically talking about a dream box for any girl who is a jewelry addict and wants to try out new looks with zero commitment. 

Want to know the best part?? With the code "autumnmerraexoxo" you can get a FREE month of Rocksbox! You literally cannot go wrong!

Now let's have a peek into what was inside my first Rocksbox!

1. Loren Hope Abba Earrings in Deep Sea

Valued at $78, $58 Insider's price

This set of earrings was definitely my favorite piece out of my box. Not only was the color of the earrings absolutely perfect for fall, but they also added the right amount of glam to every outfit without being over the top. See how I styled them HERE; they also looked flawless with this romper

2. SLATE Geometric Diamond Ring

Valued at $35, $28 Insider's price

I have never been a huge ring person, as much as I want to be they are either uncomfortable and drive me nuts or turn my finger green within 3 days. I just can't win. But surprisingly, this ring was actually super comfortable! I love how chic and simplistic it is, and it's a little edgy but not too much so that it no longer fits my style. It was a fun little piece to throw on whenever I went out, see how I styled it HERE

2. Jill Michael Bar Pendant Necklace in Gold

Valued at $48, $38 Insider's price

Simple gold necklaces have been a pretty popular piece lately, so this dainty gold bar necklace definitely hit the spot in that department. It was a nice alternative to my daily gold monogram necklace. You can see how I styled it in an upcoming post, but it also looks super cute with plain t-shirt dresses when it's too warm to wear a blanket scarf with them. 

Needless to say, I'm super pumped for my next box, and luckily for y'all with the code "autumnmerraexoxo" you can 1 FREE month of Rocksbox! So go sign up now! What are you waiting for?!

Thank you Rocksbox for sponsoring this post!

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