Gift Guide: For Her

It's officially the holiday season, therefore the season of gift guides to help those totally clueless on what to get their loved ones, friends, secret santas, etc. Today I am sharing with y'all a gift guide for the lovely ladies in your life; whether it be your girlfriend, best friend, mom or co-worker, I've got you covered. I have put together a collective list of ideas falling all over the price range spectrum because you definitely don't have to spend a fortune on a gift for the girls in your life to love it. Also, I'll be continuing this series throughout the month of December, so stay tuned for more ideas and be sure to let me know if you have requests! Happy shopping!

Best gift for your girlfriend: I would highly, highly, highly recommend getting your girl a gold monogram necklace this holiday season. First, what girl wouldn't love to receive jewelry from her man?! (here's a hint, nearly NONE); second, this is by far my most worn piece of jewelry, and since it is so simple and classic your girl is bound to wear it for a very long time and think of you every time she puts it on. 

Best gift for your mom: I think a personalized gold compact mirror would be an extremely unique and glamorous gift for your mother. Just imagine how fabulous your mom would look whipping out this gold mirror as she touches up her lipstick in the car. 

Best gift for your best friend: A gold stainless steel water bottle would be the perfect gift for your best friend; not only is it not breaking the bank but just imagine how glamorous she would look drinking out of that beauty. (I know I'd be drinking more water if I had that to carry around) Also, while it is a little more pricey, a perfume rollerball set would be the perfect gift as it allows her to try out different scents as well as take them on the go. Finally, if all else fails you literally cannot go wrong with a pair of warm socks

Best gift for your co-worker/female family member: For a woman you probably don't know the best, a beautiful personalized jewelry box is the perfect gift. It's not some pointless gift that is just going to clutter their house, and to be honest it's so pretty and useful I sort of want one for myself!

Best gift for the college student: If college has taught me anything it's the importance of loungewear; therefore, a warm pullover would for sure get a ton of use. Also, a super cute thermal mug would be a much cheaper but just as useful gift. 

Best gift for your secret Santa: A pretty jewelry tray would be the perfect affordable and generic gift, and if you're budget is a little higher a chic notebook would also be a fun and cute!

Best gift for the beauty guru: Contouring has been all the hype lately, so a step-by-step contouring kit would be the perfect gift for them to play around with. Also, high quality brushes are something every girl wants but doesn't want to splurge on herself, so do the girl a favor by getting her this brush set. Finally, a girl can never have too many neutral eyeshadows.

Best gift for the fashionista: Treat the girl who lives and breathes fashion with a beautiful set of crystal statement earrings that will instantly glam up any outfit. No need to worry about finding out what size she wears or what colors she likes! 

Best splurge gift: Now if you're looking to get the girl in your life an extremely versatile and useful gift, as well as have money to spend, the following three items would be absolutely ideal. First, once again, a gold monogram necklace is so classic and would instantly become a signature piece. Second, a pair of Bean boots is extremely practical and may I say fashionable? They are warm, water proof and rather trendy right now! Third, a beautiful, neutral watch is essential to any girl's collection. I think this Daniel Wellington one is the perfect balance of casual and sophisticated.

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