Final 13

The first month of 2016 is coming to a close; here is a compilation of the last 13 photos on my phone's camera roll for the month of January showing my last days of winter break, my first couple weeks of my second semester of college and my new obsession with Gossip Girl.

Last night I had a much needed night out with my girl friends! 

Last night I also ran into one of the softest cats I have ever met! I absolutely love every chance I get to touch a cat while I'm at college.

Friday night, Nate and I went out on a Sonic run, during which he let me have the aux cord. Who doesn't love some throwbacks from the 2000s? 

When the oddly warm weather inspires the guys to look dapper. 

Isn't Victor oh so fashionable wearing my J.Crew vest? 

You see, I'm trying this thing where I actually read the assigned readings out of the textbook this semester. We'll see how long this lasts.

This picture from my sororities' philanthropy event, Fiesta Frenxi, this past fall somehow ended up in my camera roll!

Snow makes even the most beautiful of homes a little bit prettier. 

If you know anything about me you, besides that I love cats, you know that I loathe the cold. The only thing that can make walking to an 8:00 am class in the awful weather is seeing a beautiful blanket of white over campus.

Somebody likes his cookies.

My sister sends the best snapchats.

My final days of winter break were consumed by laying in bed with my sister and cat binge watch Gossip Girl.

My brother is clearly the life of the party.

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