Final 13

Another month has passed, which means I get to share with y'all another compilation of the last 13 photos on my phone's camera roll. Only one more full month left of my first year of college! 

Lavender Baseball Tee

SHIRT: Fortuity (not available online, similar HERE) | SHORTS: T.J. Maxx (similar HERE) | SHOES: Mossimo Supply Co. Layla sneakers | EARRINGS: Kate Spade New York Lady Marmalade rhinestone ball stud earrings | NECKLACE: Kendra Scott 'Elisa' pendant necklace | RINGS: Kendra Scott 'Miles' midi rings

The springtime screams pastel clothing to me each year, and this outfit definitely fits that criteria! The light, lavender long sleeve baseball tee allows for the outfit to be slightly warmer, while still be complimented with a cool spring vibe with the light pink chino shorts. There are few things better than a perfect comfy, casual look for day to day wear!

Pink & Preppy

SHIRT: Polo Ralph Lauren custom-fit striped shirt | SKIRT: J.Crew Factory flared skirt (sold out, similar HERE and HERE) | SHOES: Mossimo Supply Co. Layla sneakers | PURSE: similar HERE and HERE | EARRINGS: Kendra Scott 'Danielle' earrings (got in my Rocksbox, get a free month with the code "autumnmerraexoxo") | WATCH: Wristology 'Rachel' gold boyfriend watch

There's something about Ralph Lauren and J.Crew that is just so classic, so you definitely can't go wrong when you pair them together. The pairing also has a very apparent preppy vibe to it, which I personally love! There's just something about tying a button down with a skirt that I can't get enough of; I did a similar look last summer here

Fraternity Collection

SHIRT: Fraternity Collection c/o (no longer available, shop similar styles HERE) | SHORTS: T.J. Maxx (similar HERE| SHOES: Mossimo Supply Co. Layla sneakers | EARRINGS: Lauren Ralph Lauren faux pearl stud earrings

Looking for plain frockets to add to your never-ending pile of sorority/fraternity t-shirts? Well look no further than Fraternity Collection. They have some many options for t-shirts when it comes to color, pocket and style; they also come with both pre-made ones if you're not feeling creative enough to customize your own! They're made out of really high quality material as well, so they'll definitely last for a long time! Plus, they send you a cute bowtie sticker with every purchase.

Sunday Shopping

Cape Sleeve Romper

ROMPER: Romeo & Juliet contemporary cape sleeve romper (on sale!) | SHOES: Target (old, similar HERE) | PURSE: Francesca's (old, similar HERE) | EARRINGS: Kendra Scott 'Danielle' earrings in "ivory pearl" (mine are from Rocksbox!) | NECKLACE: Francesca's (old, similar HERE) | WATCH: Wristology 'Rachel' gold boyfriend watch

Who would've thought the cape trend would surpass winter? Not me, but I can't deny that I'm loving it for this warmer weather look. The cape sleeves are so elegant on this vibrant red romper, and with an open back and pockets, this romper is everything a girl could ask for! I will admit, though, I sort of feel like a superhero when the wind picks up while I'm wearing this.

Dark Florals

DRESS: Lulu's (sold out, similar HERE and HERE) | SHOES: Designer Shoe Warehouse (not available online, similar HERE) | PURSE: similar HERE and HERE | EARRINGS: Purple Peridot (sold out, similar HERE)

"Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking." 

Who doesn't love a good Devil Wears Prada quote? But while florals may seem like an overused pattern for springtime pieces, what I love about this one and what makes it stand out from the other floral frocks in the crowd is that it isn't the typical pink toned, ultra-feminine pattern. While I love my brights as much as the next girl, it's sometimes fun to mix things up a little!

Oh, We're a "Thing"

"So what are you two?"

This has become of the most dreaded questions for us, not quite adults, that are part of the dating scene, and it has become harder and harder to answer over the years. You can see it now; you're in the car with your girl friends who are talking about their inconspicuous romantic encounters. And then they bring up your latest interest by asking, "So, what are you two?" leaving you in an extremely awkward position as you actually have to face the million dollar question. What do you say when the guy you're into doesn't fit the typical categories of talking, boyfriend or even friends with benefits?

Well luckily for us, our generation has created a word for this awkward phase: a "thing". The perfect alternative for uncommitted men when they want to keep the same girl around without any of the so called hassles a relationship contains. The phase where you both realize there is a clear mutual interest between the two of you, but one person (or sometimes both) are not ready for a full blown relationship. But the "thing" phase comes with so many pitfalls, that I can hardly see why anyone would want to be in one.

Striped T-Shirt Dress

Meet the easiest outfit you will ever wear, and may I say one of the comfiest? T-shirt dresses have become one of my best friends this past year, and I love how neutral and understated this striped one is. Also, due to the color of the stripes on the dress, you can pair either black or brown accessories with it which makes it extremely easy to style! 

Comfy Jumpsuit

This jumpsuit may be one of the comfiest clothing pieces I have worn in a long time! I needed something cuter to wear to walk to dance class in the morning rather than the sweatpants and t-shirt I had been wearing previously, and this jumpsuit fit the bill! It's the perfect one piece for running errands or lounging around since you look presentable while feeling like you're still in your pajamas. Also, the bottom of the legs are tight, so if you're short like me, the length won't be a problem! 

Springtime Ruffles

TOP: Red Dress Boutique (sold out, similar HERE and HERE) | SHORTS: J.Crew Factory 3" chino short 'succulent green' | SHOES: Francesca's (old, similar HERE) | EARRINGS: J.Crew Factory (old, similar HERE and HERE) | WATCH: Daniel Wellington 'Classic St. Mawes' leather strap watch

Hey y'all! It's been quite a while since I last posted; sorry about that, life and school just got crazy busy. But I'm back and here to stay for the foreseeable future! Now that spring has officially sprung, today I'm sharing with you one of my favorite blouses for this upcoming season paired with cute brights to welcome the (hopefully) warmer weather.