Comfy & Cute

Sometimes when I'm not feeling the "srat uniform" of oversized Comfort Colors t-shirts and leggings or norts, I opt for a cute tank top with cropped leggings. It's a feminine yet comfortable combination that I've been loving lately. I have especially loved these cropped leggings; I'm not over exaggerating when I say they are the comfiest leggings I have ever worn. Want to know the best part? This heavenly piece is only $15! 

Unfortunately, it has been raining here lately, but thankfully it's still semi warm outside so it's not miserable. This past weekend I had a blast at my sorority's formal, though! I'll put some pictures from the night below. But for the rest of this week, I will be vigorously working on my cooler for another formal this weekend; here's hoping I get it done on time! 

Photos by Parrish Tenley

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