15 Things I Learned My Freshman Year of College

Your freshman year of college is such a crazy experience that many people go through before becoming a full fledged adult. I just finished my first year of college at K-State, and while you're obviously at college to get an education, there is so much more to the experience! 

1. I learned that 8:00 ams are a bad idea, and 9:30 is even pushing it
You think you'll be fine because you're used to get up at 6:30 everyday for high school, but you're not. Never again.

2. I learned exactly how long I could go without doing laundry. 
5 weeks was my record. Why would you want to spend a dollar per load and trek all the way down to the basement when you could just bring it all home twice a semester? 

3. I learned that no one cares what you wear. 
College isn't a fashion show like high school was. Oversized Comfort Colors shirts and norts/leggings became my everyday outfit. 

4. I learned that some of the best memories are made on Wednesday nights. 
It doesn't matter whether it's the weekend or not; there's always something going on. 

5. I learned that I like cereal with milk, mashed potatoes with gravy, cheesecake, tomatoes, etc.
I have always been a picky eater, but over this past year I have made a point to try new foods. While none of these are crazy and out of the box, they're all a big step for me! 

6. I learned that you will get sick.
Whole new group of people, whole new set of germs. I used to very rarely get sick, but once I got to college, it was almost as if I was never healthy. Between tonsillitis first semester and an on and off cold second semester, my immune system was on a roller coaster ride. 

7. I learned that you can become good friends with someone you never imagined from high school.
One of my best friends in my sorority is from my high school. It's crazy how things like that work out!

8. I learned that you will be animal deprived in college, especially if you're a cat lover.
You know the drill; you're forced to leave your furry friends at home while you venture into this next chapter in your life, but at least at K-State there were several opportunities, especially during finals time, to pet dogs. What about us crazy cat ladies?? Yes, I love dogs too, but I like cats better. 

9. I learned that your t-shirt collection will grow exponentially if you're a part of Greek life.
Got an event going on? There's a t-shirt for that. See the perfect opportunity to snag a fraternity t-shirt? Better do it quick. It's now hard to find a t-shirt to wear now that doesn't have your letters on it. 

10. I learned that it's good to push yourself out of your comfort zone every once in a while.
On numerous occasions I did something I never imagined I would this past year. I competed in the Miss K-State Competition, went on a blind date to a fraternity date party, applied for a position in my sorority, competed in a lip sync competition for Derby Days, etc. 

11. I learned that Taco Bell isn't open late enough.
Please tell me why you're open later in Johnson County than you are in a college town. Frankly, I don't understand. Sorry, but your 10:30 pm and 1:00 am closing times are not cutting it. 

12. I learned the importance of a good pair of tennis shoes for walking across campus.
My feet thanked me when I finally invested in a pair of tennis shoes halfway through first semester. 

13. I learned what pulling an all nighter truly meant.
Thank you expository writing 2 for having me pull an all nighter not once, not twice but three times to write papers. 

14. I learned that the library is the best place to study.
But the long walk there deters me 9/10 times. 

15. I learned the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people.
You will be so much happier when you are around people who have a positive outlook on life and lift your spirits. 

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