Final 13

Now that May is coming to a close, I have posted the last 13 photos on my phone's camera roll. This month I not only started summer break but I also got a puppy! I'm warning you now, most of the pictures this month are of animals, whoops!

This was actually taken last night during one of Bacchus' rare calm moments.

I was watching The Bachelor last night, and then I look over to find my sister brushing my cat with a toothbrush...

When Bacchus finally crashed for a nap yesterday, he ended up falling asleep like this, with his head on my cheek. He later ended up drooling into my ear...

Sunday afternoon was a blast as I went over to my friend Madi's house for a little Sunday funday! It was great to hangout by the pool with a bunch of friends, some of which I hadn't seen in nearly a year. 

Saturday night, my sister, my cat and I all laid in my sister's bed and had a Pretty Little Liars marathon.

Last week a bunch a few of us went to Topgolf to hang out one last time before Nicole went out of town. While the food there was awesome, I learned that I'm a pretty awful golfer. 

I woke up like this.... I was able to capture my cats face right as I turned on the light, waking her up from her nap haha! 

Here's a few pictures from the first day we got Bacchus! 

I went to the Kansas City Zoo not too long ago, and I was super excited to see the koalas they are having for the summer! Hands down my favorite animal.

I've been wanting Sateen to sleep in her cat bed for about ten years now, and one day she finally decided to. It was so adorable! 

And finally, her's a quick snap of Sateen right before we went to bed!

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