Baseball Tee + Ripped Jeans

A baseball tee and jeans is the perfect classic, casual, go-to outfit for any season and age. With American Eagle's pieces, it can be insanely comfortable too! Their soft & sexy tees are the epitome of comfy and cute; they are one of the softest tees I have ever laid my hands on but still uphold an effortless yet put together look. 

Also, it took me way too long to jump on the American Eagle jeans bandwagon but better late than never right? I used to despise jeans, but American Eagle has discovered a way to make them almost as comfortable as leggings! Jeans automatically make an outfit look 10x more put together and now we don't have to suffer through tight, inflexible pants.

When I was at school I almost always had something to update y'all on, but now that I'm at home my life will probably be slightly less exciting. At least I have my cats though, right?! 

Photos by Parrish Tenley

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