Final 13

Now that another month has passed us by, I'm sharing with y'all another compilation of the last 13 photos on my camera roll!

My sister and I dressed Bacchus up in some fairy wings to get him into the 4th of July spirit haha! He didn't like it too much, though.

A couple mornings each week I wake up and take care of the dog in the morning, and whenever I try to get a few more minutes of sleep on the couch he insists on laying behind me and placing his giant paws on my head and neck...

I was helping my sister pack this past week, and I looked down at the floor to see Sateen looking like she had just seen a ghost. I crack up laughing every time I look at her face in this photo.

Bacchus was super hyper, so I decided to entertain him by running about the living room while he chased me for about 20 minutes. We finished the game when I fell off the couch and got a giant rug burn!

My mom was cleaning the basement and found this keychain I bought when I was little; I'm proud to say nothing has changed, and I now have this on my keys.

So I lived in New Orleans for five years, and hands down, one of the things I missed most was Raising Cane's. Every time I went back to visit I would engorge myself in their AMAZING food, but after nearly six years of waiting, Kansas City finally got a Raising Cane's! 

Just casually driving the golf cart as my siblings golf one morning. I'll stick to mini golf.

When you ask your brother to bring your purse to the car for you, and you can't help but laugh as you see him walking around with it. 

It's brother approved. 

I was laying around the house one day wearing this^ and my brother said, "Why are you so dressed up?" 

Same day, I had an eye doctor appointment, and instead of wearing norts my mom told me to wear I sent her this and said "Are you trying to make me look like Jake from Statefarm?"

"Surprisingly, you're not that heavy" -my sister

As hyper and crazy as he can be sometimes, he's still pretty adorable, especially when he sleeps!

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