Final 13

I'm back in Manhattan, so the final 13 photos on my phone's camera roll are going to become fun again! Gone are the days where 3/4 of the photos are of my fur babies; instead, they'll be mostly sorority pictures, sorry not sorry. 

For some reason all of my recent photos on my phone are in no sequential order whatsoever, so bare with me please as there are so many fun memories from my first couple weeks back at school! 

Photo by Kornerbooth

This picture is from bid night a couple weeks ago with my bid day buddy, Hannah. While I loved bid night last year as a freshman, it was a million times better as a sophomore! I absolutely loved welcoming our new members into the sisterhood that has become the greatest part of my college experience. 

Yesterday when I was eating lunch at the Union, there was the cutest service dog ever! One day I'll be able to call a darling Australian shepherd my own...

Ran into someone who used to live on my floor in the dorms last Thursday night. 

For all of you who haven't seen Nicole's dance moves, I'm sorry, and you're missing out big time. 

This is from bid day when we were waiting for the fraternity serenades to start. 

That instant feeling of relief when one of your best friends walks into your class on the first day...thank goodness I won't be surviving moral philosophy alone.

Our first night in Manhattan once recruitment was over; it was so nice to see everyone and finally relax a bit after a long two weeks.

The best part about the first night of freedom was that my best friend from home, Madi, came up! 

On the hunt for a dottie...

Here's another picture with my awesome bid day buddy on bid night! 

So I tried a cherry limeade for the first time...why did no one tell me what I was missing out on?? 

Bid day might be better than Christmas...


  1. Hey Darling:) Love this post:) Kisses

  2. This is so fun! Bid Day was always a blast!

    XO Helen |