Final 13

Hey y'all! September has been packed full of fun memories from getting my dot Wednesday to my sorority having our first date party of the year last weekend. I've also been extremely busy now that I've added working for my school's newspaper to my schedule. But for now, here are the last 13 photos on my phone's camera roll currently! 

Yesterday I got a giant Bill Snyder head in the mail! Maybe y'all will see why next month! 

On Wednesday we got our dots in my sorority! A lot of chapters call them littles, but my sorority chooses to call it mom/dot instead of big/little. So here's a picture of all my friends and I with our little dotties! 

Our mom/dot reveal night is pajama theme, so each family picks out matching pajamas, but if this picture doesn't perfectly depict my excitement of getting Hannah as my dot, I don't know what would! 

Meet the awkwardest family you will ever meet...I love my little family so much and I know Hannah will fit right in! 

Who would've guessed that the girl I heard about over snapchat before recruitment would end up being my dot! Becoming her mom was almost better than Christmas!

Like I said earlier, I started working for my school's newspaper, the Collegian, this semester. While I love being able to write and get to know so many different people on campus, it's definitely taking its toll on my sleep schedule. Hopefully it will get better as the semester goes on. 

The week leading up to mom/dot reveal the moms leave little gifts for their dots, and one night I showed up to the dorms with five people's gifts and literally felt like Santa. 

Here's the gift I left for Hannah the first night of the week. 

This past weekend I was able to go home for a little bit, and I got to see my favorite family member, my cat! 

Last Saturday, several of us from my sorority went to volunteer at the Autism Speaks walk in KC. It was such a heart warming experience being able to meet the families we affect through our philanthropy.

Finally, last Friday night my sorority had our first date party of the year! The theme was "Welcome to Xi Jungle", and s/o to my friend Taylor for doing my makeup! 

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