Final 13

Happy Halloween! Can you believe tomorrow is November? Because I sure can't! But since it's the end of October, I'm sharing with y'all the last 13 photos on my camera roll; most of them are from my time at home this weekend. 

I can't believe how fast Bacchus is growing, and he's only about half grown now! I love dogs, but I asked my mom last night if there's any dogs that have the personality of a cat because they're just a little too high energy for me...

I was only home for two days, but my sister was kind enough to take a couple hours out of her Sunday to take some blog pictures for me. I pretty excited about a bunch of the looks I have to share with y'all soon! 

But my sister did take this Snapchat of me...sorry I had to seize the opportunity of good lighting while I looked nice!

Sateen was so cuddly when I came home this weekend! She would barely leave me alone, but trust me, I'm not complaining!

To celebrate my friend Taylor's birthday (I swear we've been celebrating her birthday for a month now haha) we went out to dinner and to haunted houses in downtown KC. We went to The Beast, and I probably spent most of my time in the haunted house hiding my face behind the person in front of me.

Friday night my sorority had our semi formal which was super fun! My dot, Hannah, actually made it to this one! (She was so late to the last date party she missed it)

Last week my mom texted me this picture saying "Sateen has taken up a new hobby."

I'm pretty sure I talked about this last week, but last Sunday Nicole and I went to the pet store and pretended we were looking into adopting a cat just to play with them. This kitten was so cuddly and cute!

Then here's just two random Snapchats from the Friday of Homecoming Week! Make sure you check out Nicole's purple eyebrows.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!

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