Final 13

It's the end of November, and you know what that means....I'm now in full on holiday mode! Bring on the twinkly lights, snow and Christmas music! But first, let's take a look into my phone and see the last 13 photos on my camera roll!

Olivia Rink shared this on her Instagram story last night, and I just had to screenshot it because I love it so much!

My friend Nicole was asking if anyone had any curlers her date for our upcoming date party could wear since he's dressing up as a grandma, so here's just a random picture I sent to her of some sponge curlers I had from my cheerleading days.

I was home for a week for Thanksgiving, so I made sure to spend tons of time with my cat! I just love when she lays on me like this!

Not only did my car break last week, but now my computer is on the fritz. I'm hoping to get it fixed soon because it is so frustrating having this screen pop up and my computer restarting 15 times a day.

Last Friday my family and I went into CVS to pick up some essentials, when we stumbled into the Christmas aisle and I laid my eyes upon this turtleneck sweater that I knew would look just darling on my cat! I don't think she liked it that much, but she looked cute for the few minutes she had it on!

Even though I don't live at home for most of the year, I still took it upon myself to decorate my room for the holidays! I'm going to be so sad when it's time to take all the decorations down...

Last Friday, I also finally bit the bullet and went in to get my hair done. I have never been one to do anything crazy with my hair; the "craziest" thing I ever did was cut it to my shoulders back in 7th grade. Other than that, it's strictly been a two inch trim off the bottom a few times a year; that's it! 

Although, I've always loved light hair, and while I was blonde when I was younger, my hair has gradually gotten darker and darker over time. Extremely so during the winter, which leaves me craving to get my natural highlights back in the summer. So last week, instead of waiting seven months for my lightness to come back, I went in and got highlights!

I absolutely love how they turned out, completely natural looking and only slightly lighter than my summer hair. 

While I knew my hair was visibly lighter when I first saw it, I didn't realize quite how much lighter it was until I compared it to my sister. Before I went in, the bottom of my sister's hair and mine were almost the same color, mine just having a slightly more reddish tone.

I think it's safe to say you all know how cat obsessed I am, so it put a smile on my face to see the girl who does my hair have this up.

Here's your typical, front porch, sibling picture before Thanksgiving dinner.

After dinner on Thanksgiving, my family went over to my uncle's house where he had two kittens! They were both so cute and cuddly!

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