Best of 2016

It seems like everyone is ready to kick 2016 to the curb, but it wasn't all bad! This past year my family got to welcome in a puppy, I crossed a major experience off my bucket list and I moved into my sorority house! While I'm excited to ring in the new year, I wanted to first take a look back at all of my favorite memories from 2016. 


I started watching Gossip Girl for the first time and basically spent the first few months of 2016 binge watching it.


I received my Alpha Xi Delta quill. 

I fell back in love with my faith at the Stumo Valentine's Day event.

I went to a fraternity's toga party, which is probably the most cliche college experience ever.


My little sister made the high school cheer team. 


We won the lip sync competition for Sigma Chi's Derby Days, but how could you not with some killer Magic Mike moves?!

I competed in Delta Upsilon's Miss K-State Competition for my sorority where I was able to meet so many girls from other chapters. 

I survived painting my first cooler and went to a fraternity's formal at the lake with my best friend. 

My sorority had a shotgun wedding with Theta Xi which was hilarious and so much fun!


Instead of just dogs, K-State brought in kittens to play with during finals week. 

I got to see koalas again at the Kansas City Zoo! (My favorite animal besides cats)

We welcomed Bacchus into our family! 


Kansas got a Raising Cane's! I had hoped and dreamed for this day for five years!


My family visited Savannah, Georgia, which was an absolute dream; it is hands down, one of my favorite places I've ever been. We also spent a day enjoying enjoying the ocean and exploring a lighthouse on Tybee Island.

We also went to Disney World for a few days which was a blast! 

I got to cross swimming with manatees off my bucket list! 


My family made a quick trip down to Albuquerque to visit family which was really nice considering I hadn't seen a lot of them in a few years.

I moved into the Xi Mansion! 

I got to be on the other side of recruitment for the first time! I know it's not a lot of people's favorite thing in the world, but I LOVED it! 

Bid night! I thought Bid Night my freshman year was fun, but this year's was so much better with my friends! 


I was able to watch my sister perform in her first high school assembly as a cheerleader, brought back so many memories!

Getting my dot!!!


Winning Pant the Chant for Homecoming! 


I accepted the position of Publicity Chair for my sorority!

I tried green beans for the first time.

I convinced my dot to sneak some of the best cheesecake out of the dining center for me. 

My best friend Madi finally enrolled at K-State!!! 

I got to play mom for a night as I took pictures and drove my sister around for her Cheer Ball.


I was also offered the position of Homecoming Chair for my sorority!

I got to watch my mom's ballet from her book The Cajun Nutcracker for the first time.

And finally, I obviously loved spending time with my family for the holidays! I especially loved going out to eat Chinese food on Christmas Eve, an old tradition we finally brought back. 

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