Final 13

Considering I'm not even home right now, I was surprised to see so many pictures of my pets when gathering the pictures for this post! While I'm so happy to be back in Manhattan, I still love when my family sends me pictures of what is happening back at home, and since it's the end of January I get to share some of them with y'all that happened to fall in the last 13 photos on my phone's camera roll! 

After picking up my laptop from being repaired, Nicole and I stopped by Varsity Donuts as a treat for adulting! 

Our cat Thor doesn't want to accept that he can't fit into a normal size cat bed...

Our Great Dane got a major upgrade in his dog bed; it even expands to a twin size! 

I don't understand why my friends always underestimate how much I can eat. Hannah and I went to Burger King last weekend, and she was concerned when my burger was the size of my head haha!

Thor has a fire mixtape dropping soon...stay tuned.

It was my mom's birthday this month, and while she doesn't have a very big sweet tooth, there's nothing she loves more than Taco Bell! 

My roommate Macy and I were both watching Netflix last weekend when her chair suddenly broke! We now use it as a table to set our laptops on while watching our shows. 

I have followed tons of cat Instagram accounts throughout the month of January. There's nothing like a bunch of adorable cats and kittens to brighten your day, but when I came across this photo I couldn't stop laughing at the black kitten in the back. He's just so cute! 

This picture was completely accidental, but it makes me laugh every time! 

I think our dog is finally starting to calm down a little bit. At the beginning of the month I could finally go a day or two without him jumping on me. 

I love when he sits like this; it's so cute!

My sister and I were trying to get a picture of our cat's face, but when we took the picture he meowed. 

I honestly forget that I have a gecko sometimes, but when I was home at the beginning of January I noticed that he was molting. 

We were looking at the band pictures my brother brought home from school when we noticed that his instrument doesn't have its mouth piece haha! 

I hope you all had a great start to 2017, but I'm excited for February to start because it's my birthday month!! 

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