Final 13

February just felt like the fastest month ever! One moment it's my birthday, and the next the whole month is over. Although, despite this month feeling like it flew by, it's been a very productive month for me. I developed several new, healthy habits regarding exercise, skincare and growing in my faith that I hope to continue throughout the rest of the year. 

Also, with February coming to a close, I can just feel spring right around the corner! We've had little tastes of warm weather here in Kansas, but I can't wait until it stays around for good. 

Now onto the final 13 photos on my phone's camera roll! 

Two weeks ago my sorority had our Sibling's Day! My family came to Manhattan, and we ice skated, went to Manhattan Hill and celebrated my brother and I's birthdays. It was so nice to see all of them!  

Last week was Greek Week at K-State, so this is a photo from their social media competition. We were team Superman! 

I was picking up a new journal at Marshall's last week, and when I was flipping through them I found this quote that I loved. I've always loved writing, so this quote really resonated with me. 

Having a parking spot at the sorority house has allowed me to become Macy's personal chauffeur to class. 

I went to my first K-State basketball game with Nicole and Macy last week, and it was a lot more fun than I expected! Maybe I'll try to find some friends to go with more often next year.

There was also a fitness challenge last week for Greek Week that my friends and I went to. Although, we were told it would be easy and fun, and it was anything but easy! So many burpees...

After the basketball game, a couple of my friends and I went by Sonic and ended up ordering three separate times... One person would order something, and then once they got it everyone else in the car would want it too. 

I surprised my dottie with a Reese's egg last Thursday; I'm glad we can agree that it's one of the best candies to exist! 

And here's a random Snapchat to wrap things up! 


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