Pretty in Plaid

TOP: Scoobie (available in stores or, similar HERE) c/o | SKIRT: Scoobie (available in stores or, identical HERE) c/o | SHOES: Kenneth Cole (similar HERE) | EARRINGS: Pearl stud earrings | LIPS: Revlon ColorStay moisture stain

Today I'm sharing with y'all a trendy twist on what many of us may remember as our school uniform skirt. Yes, for many years I had the leisure of throwing on a burgundy plaid skirt everyday for school, but now that we've ditched the knee length skirts, we can trade them out for a fun and cute alternative that is perfect for a dressier occasion or night out!

This skirt is super thick and sturdy, making it perfect for the winter months, and the burgundy and navy color scheme makes it fairly easy to pair with a variety of tops. I paired it with a conservative and classic taupe blouse since the skirt is already pretty short. Forever 21 has a bodysuit that looks very similar with slight v-neck that would look great paired with it as well!

I tried to keep everything else in the outfit fairly neutral because the skirt appears to speak for itself; I opted for a light and airy taupe top because an all white one makes the look a little too "school girl" if you know what I mean. If you're going for an edgier look, a black bodysuit would look great paired with it too!

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was kind of lonely without my roommate Macy, but I got my car back! Freedom!! Maybe I'll actually start regularly going to the rec now that my main excuse for not going is gone...maybe.

Also, just for fun, I thought I'd throw in a picture from my school uniform days! Oh how I miss the leisure of never having to think about what I wore to school.

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Photos by Parrish Tenley

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  1. That skirt is so pretty. I love the plaid pattern.