Final 13

Is it just me or is this semester flying by?! I can't believe I only have five more weeks of classes. Although, March was kind of crazy for me. My workload for classes started to pile up really quick, but thankfully I was able to finish it off with a fun trip to Colorado with my family that I talked about HERE. Today I'm sharing with y'all the last 13 pictures on my phone's camera roll which shows a few more pictures from my spring break and this past week back at school.

Remember that life changing ice cream I talked about from my trip to Vail? Who would've thought switching out the vanilla for chocolate in cookies and cream ice cream would make such a big difference! 

As y'all have probably already read, skiing was a fun but also very painful experience for me. I had knee surgery a couple years ago, and my knee simply wasn't agreeing with the toll skiing was taking on it and after a few hours caused a great deal of pain. I also rolled my ankle walking down a flight of stairs the night before which didn't help.

Being in the mountains instead of the beach we didn't think too much about applying sunscreen before going skiing, which left my brother with a hilarious sunburn beard! 

My sister and I ended up wearing the exact same outfit on the drive home from Vail! Great minds think alike I suppose. 

As soon as we got back from our brief trip to Vail my mom and I felt inspired to start planning our huge summer road trip. Here's a brief overview of our route. It's still a couple months out, but I cannot contain my excitement for it! 12 states, 5,200+ miles in 15 days with my mom and siblings! 

I was walking around the mall back home, and I just came across these pants that would be so fun and flowy for the summer at Nordstrom. 

It makes me laugh every time I see my cat, Thor, trying to squeeze into this small, pink cat bed. 

My dog ran up the stairs carrying a plush rose in his mouth, and it was just too cute of a moment not to capture.

Cats will always be first and foremost in my heart! 

I've been having too much fun with this filter y'all...

Between Nicole and my brother my Snapchat is never boring! 

I'm honestly not sure why this picture is even on my phone, but here's a random, blurry picture of the cooler I have to paint for a formal I'm going to at the end of April. 

Wednesday night I was hanging out with Nicole, and I decided to try to learn how to breakdance through YouTube videos. I'd say my moves are pretty legit (just kidding), but I woke up the next morning with my knee swollen again and in a lot of pain! 

I hope y'all enjoyed these pictures that give you a glimpse into my day to day life. Most of them are a little weird and random, but where's the fun if I only show y'all perfectly posed shots?! I hope y'all have a good weekend, and I'll talk to y'all next week! 

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