Final 13

With May came the end of the the school year and a lot more time to spend with family. Even without classes, I feel like life has done anything but slow down, but I'm so thankful to be spending the next couple of months with my family, especially our cat Thor! So in honor of the end of another month, let's dive into the last 13 photos on my phone's camera roll, which will give you a little taste to the crazy antics of my and my family's life lately! 

The amount of pictures I take with my cat Thor is concerning, but he always seems to be down for a quick Snapchat! 

I talked about this a couple weeks ago - that my mom put on a ballet inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean. But what I didn't tell you is that she always finds a way to incorporate her own kids into her ballets, so here's a quick snap I took while trying on my costume haha! 

I also told y'all about how I cooked for the first time, and here's the proof! Pasta is one of my favorite meals, and this lasagna pasta that I found on Pinterest was delicious! I kind of tweaked the recipe along the way, but here's the recipe I referenced. 

Here's a few pictures from the day of my mom's ballet. Remember how I mentioned she always has my siblings and I have parts in it? Well I always end up being dressed up as a man...but hey, I have to say I pull off a beard and fat suit pretty well! 

While we all decided to sleep in the day after the ballet, our dog had other plans. It had been exactly one year since we brought her home, and it looks like he decided to have a party downstairs to celebrate. 

Thor has been extra cuddly ever since I came home from school this year, and last week he fell asleep in my arms like a baby. My heart just about melted! 

While I was waiting for my sister to finish swim practice I strolled around the library. I find it so peaceful, and being surrounded by so many books is a wonderland for me. I have read quite a few of Diane Chamberlain's books before and loved them, so I snapped a picture of this one I haven't read yet to add to my summer reading list! 

The following day when I was waiting for my sister again I stumbled into Michael's where everything was on major sale. I saw this adorable cup, and for 50% off, putting it at less than $10, I couldn't say no!  

My family kicked off Memorial Day weekend by celebrating my uncle's birthday. I stuffed my face with tons of yummy food, and then took this super awkward picture with my brother that I'm sure we're going to have to recreate later in life when he's much bigger than me haha! Also, I think I'm going to share the outfit that I wore here on the blog soon because I love it SO much! 

Sometimes when I'm reading, a certain phrase will stick out to me, so I take a quick picture to make it easy to reference later on. When I was reading Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks this past weekend there was a section about guilt and how it is a wasted emotion, and then one of the characters reflected on that by saying "Guilt, in other words, isn't always wasted. It can keep us from making the same mistake twice." It was a little lesson that definitely stuck out to me! 

That wraps up this month's final 13! It was quite the random bunch but be glad there was only two cat pictures this time!

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