30 Minute Home Workout Pt. 3

SPORTS BRA: FitWear Boutique (available online HERE) c/o | LEGGINGS: FitWear Boutique (available online HERE) c/o

Good vibes only. 

I've always been one who believes my mindset about something directly affects how I will experience it. If I go into something, whether that be an event I don't want to be at, a workout, cleaning, etc., telling myself it's going to be fun and awesome, more often than not it turns out that way!  

When it comes to working out in particular I have been trying really hard to not think of it as a punishment. Instead, I try to perceive it as an enjoyable escape from a busy day, and as a result, I've never left one of those workouts without feeling happier, refreshed and more energized than I did prior! 

Once I have my mindset in check, I also like to pick out a cute outfit that I feel confident and ready to sweat in! This look from FitWear boutique is by far my favorite. I love the various mesh detailing on the leggings, and they're super high-waisted, which makes them ideal for pairing with sports bras like this cute graphic one!

Now, on to the workout...! 

- 30 squats
- 15 jump squats (+ ankle weights)
- 15 leg presses on all fours (each side + ankle weights)
- 20 ankle touches 
- 15 leg raises
- 15 burpees (+ ankle weights)
- 20 plie squats
- 10 push-ups
- 10 lateral raises (5 lb weights)

Just like the previous two parts, I do this workout 2 times through along with running half a mile and a few minutes on the stair climber or bicycle. Also, in case you missed them, here's PART 1 and PART 2

Photos by Parrish Tenley

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