Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

TOP: Scoobie (available in stores or sarah@shopscoobie.com, similar HERE) c/o | DRESS: Scoobie (available in stores or sarah@shopscoobie.com, similar HERE) c/o | SHOES: Target sneakers | EARRINGS: Pearl stud earrings | WATCH: Daniel Wellington watch | LIPS: Revlon lip stain in 'India Intrigue'

What if I told y'all I used to eat full lemons for lunch in eighth grade...would y'all believe me?? Well it's true, and while I still love the taste of lemon here and there, I now prefer them either in the form of lemonade or printed on cute tops like this one from Scoobie!   

There's something about lemon print and denim that, when paired together, look like a match made in heaven. I shared another lemon top on the blog HERE last summer with a denim skirt, and it was one of my favorite outfits from that season! But when I saw this sweet little top I instantly knew I wanted to pair it with this denim dress. I think it's an adorably Southern and casual take on a top that I would've probably paired with simple, white jeans otherwise! 

I originally intended to share this outfit with y'all yesterday, but I got so caught up in the book I was reading Sunday that I just couldn't find the motivation to tear myself away from it. Do y'all have any book recommendations? I fly through books in the summer, so I'd love to hear what y'all think I should read next! 

Photos by Parrish Tenley


  1. This outfit is so pretty! I really like it. Some books are so good that we have to finish them before doing something else hahaha.

    xx, Melissa

    1. Thank you! And getting hopelessly caught up in books seems to be a reoccurring problem for me!

  2. I quite like lemons but can only eat a slice. I don't think I could have more. That lemon print top is so pretty.

    Her Hive

    1. I'm usually a very picky eater, so I'm actually surprised I like them so much! And thank you!