Final 13

Can y'all believe it's the end of June because I sure can't! It flew by if you ask me, but in as always, at the end of each month I think it's fun to share with y'all the last 13 photos on my phone's camera roll! 

This batch is a tad embarrassing...

One of my favorite things during the summer is Monday nights when my sister and I watch The Bachelorette together, and she makes cookies. 

When we were all packing for our big road trip my mom nearly filled her duffel bag with "backup outfits". 

I'm not really sure why this Snapchat was saved, but this ginormous cat shirt is by far my favorite thing to sleep in! 

This past weekend I had so much fun walking around the shopping at the Just for Her event. I thought it was so fun seeing so many local businesses under one roof! 

Picking out books to read on our road trip had to be one of the hardest things for me. I just want to read everything, but I took a quick picture of an author I wanted to try out while wandering around Barnes & Noble. 

I take my brother to golf a couple times a week, and this week I 100% felt like a boy in my outfit.

I also get to bring my sister to her swim meets, and last week I was there from 2:30 - 10:30 p.m. At least there was a Mexican buffet towards the end!

My family and I were going through some things in our garage, and this gold, metallic leotard was just too stylish to not try on haha! 

In our garage was also some old toys of mine, and my old Barbie car just so happened to match my car! 

My mom, sister and I were picking up some flowers for the front of our house, and I just thought this one looked so pretty.

A picture from one of my many times I got sunburned at the pool this month.

At least we don't have to worry about my brother getting sunburned because one day we found him fast asleep inside.

Only one picture with my cat?! Well he's still as cute as ever! 

What was y'all's favorite memory from this month? I'd love to know in the comments below!

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