Final 13

July easily held my favorite memories this summer. The first half was full of traveling (tons of pictures to come starting tomorrow!), and since I've gotten home I've been soaking up the little bit of time I have left with my cat (as you will be able to tell from these pictures) and my family. I'm so excited to move back to Manhattan next week, but I also don't want to wish away my last few days home!  

With that being said, let's jump into the last 13 photos on my phone's camera roll! 

As soon as I got back from traveling all over the West Coast I stopped by Manhattan for my sorority's summer chapter. It was so fun seeing everyone, and it left me feeling more excited than ever to move back in! 

My brother has recently started using his Snapchat again, so now I have one of his goofy "streaks" pictures to look forward to every day!  

Many of my evenings lately have been spent cuddled up next to Thor watching 90210 on Netflix. The show is pretty silly and predictable in my opinion, but it's so addicting! 

I have not been pleased with the deodorants I've been using lately, so I snapped a picture of my sister's to pick up next time I'm at the store. 

If you're friends with my sister or I on Snapchat you would know our brother is on our stories He's so funny, and we can get him to do just about anything! 

"He just got his wisdom teeth out!" -my sister

I feel like my sister has been in my room more than ever lately, and one night she decided to take it upon herself to display all my sentimental stuffed animals. 

I'm not going to lie, 9/10 times I look like a hot mess when I'm hanging out at home, but one night my sister said I looked like "a mom with young kids." What do y'all think?! 

Speaking of my sister being in my room a lot more, she has also had fun placing my stuffed koalas in random places, which have been really freaking me out! 

But despite her scaring me on a regular basis, she's also my go-to Bachelorette buddy! Last Monday we decided to go all out with charcoal masks and treats! 

I don't think there's a moment of my cat's life that hasn't been documented with a picture.

Our dog Bacchus has a tendency to chew and destroy every pillow we give him, so lately he has left himself with this tiny little rug to sleep on. 

Finally, to wrap things up, here's one more picture of my pride and joy!

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