Final 13

I'm back in Manhattan, so my final 13 posts are about to start becoming a lot more fun again! The first half of August was spent participating in sorority recruitment, a.k.a. two of my favorite weeks of the year, and today I just wrapped up my second week of classes. I can't say I'm super excited about any of my classes this semester, but I am feeling more motivated than ever. I've also been loving living in my sorority house again, and some of the memories I've made this month have been the best yet! 

Now that I've given y'all the rundown of my month let's get into the last 13 photos on my phone's camera roll. First are some pictures from BID NIGHT! I don't know how it's possible, but bid night becomes more and more fun every year. Welcoming our new members home, watching them dance on the porch for the first time and dousing ourselves in glitter will never get old! Bid night, and recruitment in general, always reminds me there's truly no place like Alpha Xi .

The next day, we sat outside in the sweltering heat (pretty sure I've never sweat so much in my entire life) and watched the fraternities do serenades. 

Also, a couple of my friends got their own house this year, so I went over there Saturday night, and goodness gracious was their basement freezing! 

Then all of my classes were cancelled Monday (best start to the semester ever!) because of the solar eclipse, so a few of my friends and I went to Tuttle Creek to watch it. It didn't get too dark or anything, but it was still awesome to watch the moon pass in front of the sun. 

Anyone else think my cat should be an official Yeti model? 

My mom also sent me a  picture of our dog playing in the mess he made after ripping up a duvet haha! 

On that Tuesday my friend Nicole and I took some cheesy first day of school pictures for our parents, and I proceeded to trip, roll my ankle and fall at the bottom of our driveway on our way to class #graceful

When we found our letters at another house haha! 

This past Sunday I decided to take some pictures for some content I have coming up soon, so I set up my studio lights in Nicole and I's teeny tiny room. 

I also made my impressions for my Smile Brilliant teeth whitening trays last Sunday! 

Finally, last night a few of my friend's and I had a movie night together! We watched Fool's Gold and ate a ton of pizza rolls and popcorn. 

That wraps up my final 13 photos for the month of August! It's been a fun month being back in Manhattan and living in Alpha Xi, and I'm so excited to see what September brings!

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  1. Life is all about enjoying the best time of your life and seems like you are doing it really good. Will be indeed pleasure to hear about some good days from you.