Glass Beach

As my family continued our drive down the California coast, San Francisco bound next, we stopped at Fort Bragg Glass Beach to get a closer look at the Pacific and see for ourselves the unique sea glass along the shore. And while a five hour drive feels like nothing to my family, the ocean breeze was a refreshing and much need break from the car.  

Being a girl who grew up going to beaches along the Gulf, the rock formations along the Pacific left me astonished, especially with the heavy fog. 

But what amazed me even more was how nature was able to transform a former city dump site into one of the most spectacular beaches. From 1906-1967 trash of all kinds, cars, bottles, you name it, was dropped over the cliffs, but over time the crashing waves transformed it all into vibrant sea glass. 

Unfortunately, not much of the sea glass remains, but we were still able to see glimmers of color among the pebbles. In order to preserve what is left of the beach visitors aren't allowed to take any of the glass from the beach, but I thought it was still fun to hunt for colorful treasure while we wandered the shore.

Clear sea glass is was predominately remains, but it was always an exciting moment when we came across a red or green piece!   

When we were picking through the glass my brother also came across a few snails making their way across the rocks. 

Another thing I simply couldn't get enough of at Glass Beach and during our drive was how the fog allowed the sky and ocean to mesh into one. It's hard to think of anything as peaceful and magical as the impenetrable Pacific along the northern California coast. 

(Also, I have no idea who's dog that was, but he was quite the poser during my pictures!)

I also wanted to show y'all how pretty the walk to and from the beach was. There was little dirt pathways that lead through a prairie sprinkled with colorful wildflowers, and since the fog was so thick there were several moments when we could neither see the town behind us nor the ocean in front of us. 

Have any of y'all ever been to Glass Beach before? Or what other California beaches do y'all think are must-sees? 

That's all for today, but I'll talk to y'all tomorrow with my San Francisco travel diary (aka one of my favorite stops!)


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