Junior Year Goals

Today is the first day of my junior year of college, and let's just say I'm having a really hard time coming to terms with that. The idea of being halfway done with college is simply mind boggling, and even scarier is the reality that I'm only two years away from being done with school forever and starting a career. High school feels like both just yesterday and a hundred years ago, but what's even crazier than the proximity of those memories is how drastically different I feel between those four years. 

When I was starting my junior year of high school I was full of contentment and excitement for what was and what was to come. I had everything I had ever wanted, and my plans for the future were rock solid. Fast forward to the present, and I'm still trying to find my path after not a single one of those plans came to fruition. I'm not attending an out-of-state school, not a pre-vet major, not dating my high school sweetheart, not a cheerleader, yet surprisingly, most of those things have not turned out to be regrettable. 

Instead, I have made K-State my home, I am pursuing a major I am passionate about, I am growing in my faith, and I am enjoying every second in the sorority of my dreams. So while I have never been more apprehensive about the future than I am now, I'm determined to make the best of my time left in college and have set a few goals for myself going into this school year.

1. Wake up every morning in time to eat breakfast

If I want to make the most of my time left at K-State I can't be sleeping half the day away. While I do love sleeping in until double digits (hence why I don't have a single morning class), I also love how productive I feel when I get my mornings going at a socially acceptable hour. While I missed breakfast by five minutes today, I loved having hours to start my day doing things I enjoy like journaling and working on blog content.  

2. Practice Patience

Patience is a virtue I've never been good with. I have always wanted to see instant results and annoyance comes quickly. This year I want to put forth a conscious effort to increase my patience both towards myself and others. 

3. Say Yes to Adventure

I am a planner through and through, so when someone spontaneously invites me to go do something with them I am always inclined to turn them down simply because it messes with my daily schedule. This year I want to focus on better time management with my class assignments and blog content so I can say yes to random adventures without the stress of deadlines lurking in the back of my mind. Plus, I feel like spontaneity often makes the best memories! 

4. Apply Myself in All of My Classes

Believe it or not, I thoroughly enjoy school, but in the past I have found myself being incredibly lazy when it comes to my class work. I still get good grades, but I can't help but imagine how much better they could be if I put forth as much effort as I should. During my junior year I want to focus on really applying myself in all of my classes because there are few better feelings than the pride I feel after receiving a 4.0 at the end of a semester. 

5. Grow in My Faith

Last year was a turning point for me because I really started to take an interest in my faith, but this year I want to start delving deeper and develop habits that will help me incorporate my faith on a daily basis. 

I'm sure there's many other things I would love to accomplish this school year, but those are the top five that came to mind. What kind of goals do y'all have going into the new school year? Let me know in the comments below! 

Photo by Parrish Tenley 

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  1. So amazed to read this blog and I must say that you are really an organized girl that is why you have planned everything before going to school and planning what to achieve. Good luck with your junior year.