4 Reasons to Stay in on a Friday Night

On weekends in college there's always something to do, whether that means going to a party, spending a night out with friends or exploring the town, but to be honest, some of my favorite Friday nights have been spent laying around the house with absolutely nothing to do. It doesn't happen very often, but when it does I always find myself feeling extremely content, relaxed and telling myself that I need to stay in more often! Today I'm sharing with y'all the four reasons why I enjoy staying in on Friday nights and why it's sometimes much needed!  

1. Everything is better in pajamas!

Pajamas will ALWAYS sound better than putting on jeans and makeup. There is no better feeling than putting on my penguin pajama pants, a large sweatshirt and cuddling up on the couch with a fuzzy blanket, and when I have absolutely zero plans for my Friday night I can do just that!  

2. Movie nights! 

I know it's a good Friday night when the "Are you still watching?" message pops up on my screen. After a stressful week of classes and responsibilities, there's nothing I love more than to veg out and indulge in some of my favorite shows on Netflix. It's also twice as fun when it turns into a movie night with friends! Think ice cream, snacks, pajamas, Netflix and a few of your gal pals for the best and most relaxing Friday night ever!

3. Time to do things I genuinely enjoy

One of my favorite things to do is to simply sit in silence and read other people's blogs, but junior year has sucked away any and every opportunity for me to do that. So along with binge watching Netflix, I also love having the time to do something enjoyable that I constantly put off throughout the week. For some people this may also include starting a new book, painting or even cooking a meal you've been craving all week. 

4. Relax, refresh, recharge

College would completely drain me if I never gave myself nights to decompress and reenergize for the week ahead. Last weekend I didn't give myself the opportunity to relax, and I have definitely felt the effects this week. I've felt like I'm just going through the expected motions each day with little energy to do much more. Taking a Friday night to take a deep breath, relax and catch up on sleep will not only recharge you for the week ahead but also refresh both your mind and spirit! 

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