Final 13

Looking back through my pictures from October I'm just trying to wrap my mind around how I did. It was one whirlwind of a month to say the least! From becoming a grandma (in my sorority haha!) to KC Fashion Week to K-State Homecoming and everything in between I'm surprised I still managed to squeeze in watching seven seasons of Friends this month! As usual, to celebrate the end of the month and reminisce on all I've done, I'm sharing with y'all the last 13 photos on my phone's camera roll! 

It's only October, and my friends and I are already SO pumped to go to SMC in January! (I also sneezed chocolate on that white shirt the first time I wore it, which led to me using stain remover for the first time in my life. Oh the joys of growing up.) 

The little Starbucks mocha frappucinos are the ONLY thing that got me through this month. 

The second week in the October I was invited KC Fashion Week. I went to the runway show that Thursday night, and it was probably the best experience of my entire month! 

Since I was already going to KC for fashion week I decided to stay in town the rest of the weekend with my family. That Friday night I watched my sister cheer on her high school football team to a win, and also got to see my aunt and uncle from London. 

I had been craving Buffalo Wild Wings' honey BBQ wings for weeks, so before I left home to go back to Manhattan my mom treated me to dinner where we saw a rainbow outside! It was actually a double rainbow, but you can't tell from this picture.

The next week was K-State's Homecoming. My sorority's theme for the week was San Francisco. We decided to take a Full House twist on it and dressed up in 90s attire for the parade! 

Photo by Ali Happer

When I was in KC I also participated in a photoshoot for Do Good Co. I finally got to see the pictures recently, and they're so cute. I would definitely recommend checking out their store or Instagram

My neighborhood in Manhattan has a major bat problem, and last week this little fella ran into one of our windows. The poor little guy laid there for a while all dazed and confused. 

Last Wednesday everyone in my sorority dressed up in Halloween costumes for dinner. I'm honestly just obsessed with how comfortable my mom's old overalls are so I dressed up like a scarecrow so I could wear them again.

Photo by Mackenzie Penny

Last Thursday my sorority also watched Halloweentown out on our lawn. It was freezing outside, but that's not anything a few blankets and sweatshirts couldn't fix. 

Let's just say my brother knows what women really want... just kidding, but seriously, I could really go for some french fries right now...! 

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