Gift Guide for Her Under $50

Despite there being endless options, girls can still be extremely difficult to shop for throughout the holiday season. That's why, whether you're shopping for your best friend, sister or any other girl in your life, I've rounded up several gift ideas that they're all sure to love! Plus, I know we all don't have big bucks to spend so everything I'm sharing with y'all falls below the $50 mark!  

There's a few gifts I believe you simply can't go wrong with when shopping for the high school or college-aged girl. Below I've listed my tried-and-true gift ideas along with several links for each to help y'all to shop within budget!

OVERSIZE SWEATERS: Everyone loves to be warm and cozy this time of year, and basic sweaters typically fit anyone's style. The best part about the oversize trend is that you don't have to guess the size of the person you're shopping for. Simply error on the side of too big, and they're sure to love it!  

MUGS: If you're shopping for a girl in her twenties coffee has probably become a staple in her life. I have found some of my favorite mugs at T.J. Maxx for less than $5, but stores like Francesca's, Target and Anthropologie all have adorable and affordable ones as well. I don't even drink coffee that much, but I still love receiving mugs because they can be used as storage and decor too!  

DAINTY JEWELRY: Jewelry can be a little trickier to shop for unless you know the style of the person fairly well. Although, dainty gold jewelry can be a staple in anyone's collection. Layered necklaces and stackable rings are extremely trendy this year, but they're also pieces that are simple enough to be worn for years to come.

HOME DECOR: If the girl you're shopping for will be moving somewhere new soon, neutral home decor can be a thoughtful and practical gift. Decorating a space can be expensive, so she will surely appreciate anything that will make her new place feel more homey and beautiful! 

BEAUTY PRODUCTS: Beauty products are another category that can be tricky to shop for, but there are several products that I've tried and loved that would work as versatile gifts. Nice lip balm, face masks, perfume and hair products are all gifts girls love to receive but have a hard time buying for themselves. 

JOURNALS: I am big into journaling and so are many of my friends, so any paper good would be right up my alley. If you're shopping for an avid writer a pretty, blank journal would be a very thoughtful and useful gift, but bucket list, travel and happiness journals also make perfect gifts for just about anyone! 

COZY ACCESSORIES: If all else fails, you can't go wrong with picking up a cozy, winter accessory. Scarves and hats are pieces that a girl can play around with to fit her own style, and velvet hair accessories are very trendy right now too. If the girl you're shopping for has to walk on campus during the winter, something warm will surely come in handy! 

What are your favorite gifts to give during the holiday season? Share your suggestions in the comments below! Also, don't forget to watch my latest VLOGMAS video! I'm giving y'all a sneak peek into my room! 

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