Friday Favorites

Happy Friday y'all! I was looking through a few of my past posts to make sure I covered all the bases for today, and I hadn't realized the last time I shared my Friday favorites was in November!! That's crazy! I can't believe how many months I went without showing y'all the cutest new arrivals and awesome content other bloggers are creating. Thankfully, to kick things back off, this week is a good one filled with tons of cute summer clothes and other things I've been loving lately! 

Achieve Balance by Determining Your Priorities

Balance can be delicate concept. In one moment everything can feel perfectly aligned, and in the next, it can all feel like it's spiraling out of control. But despite its delicacy, balance is SO essential to cultivating a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Honestly, it's so vital that I decided to get out of my ~ writing comfort zone ~ and share with y'all exactly how I developed an unshakeable balance in my life.