Gift Guide for Every Girl on Your List

It's starting to feel like we're in the peak of holiday shopping, so today I thought I'd share with y'all a gift guide that's sure to include something for every girl on your list! A while back I asked y'all what kind of gift guides you wanted to see, and I received an overwhelming response mentioning ideas for every type of girl imaginable. So, rather than posting a million separate gift guides, I thought it would be way more efficient to give them to you all at once! This way, whether you're shopping for your mom, sister or bestie on a budget, you're sure to find something perfect! 

For the Bestie

When shopping for friends, we don't typically account for the largest of budgets – especially if you're in college – but there are plenty of inexpensive options that make the sweetest of gifts! One of my favorites that I've seen are these friendship tickets. If you're shopping for a large group, you can split them up and give everyone the gift of some unique quality time funded by you! Another one of my favorite ideas is gifting them a birthstone necklace. It is a personalized piece that can easily become a staple in their collection for less than $20! Finally, if your bestie is 21, this wine glass and graphic tee would make the cutest duo!

For the Traveler

Do you know someone who is going on a trip this winter or is a constant traveler? Dressing for the airport is a constant balancing act between comfy and cute, so this super soft sweatshirt would be a gift they're sure to love. Packing jewelry can be another tricky part of traveling, and this monogrammed case can be an adorable and practical solution, too. Finally, if the girl you're shopping seems to be a dreamer more than anything else, I have this bucket list book that's been perfect for mapping out future destinations! 

For the Homebody

I believe everyone has a bit of a homebody side to them, and if you ask me, a high-quality robe is the best thing I ever bought for myself. I bought this one four years ago, and it still feels brand new! Candles from Anthropologie are another safe bet, as they'll instantly add a hint of warmth and coziness to any room, and this blanket would be the perfect gift, too. It's one of the softest things I've ever touched, yet it is unlikely that someone would buy it for themselves. 

For the Fashion Obsessed

My mom always says that I'm the hardest to pick out clothes for, and if you're shopping for someone who is sort of the same way, here are a few key fashion items you can't go wrong with! Faux fur is being seen everywhere this season, and both this coat and this pair of boots would make the perfect winter gift. If you want to give something that can be used year-round, though, this bag is another great option. I received it as a gift last year, and I seriously use it every single day because I love it so much! 

For the Beauty Lover

Beauty products were a little trickier for me to compile, as I personally like to keep things pretty simple in that department, but these Sugar lip treatments are my absolute favorite! Another lip set worth gifting is this one by MAC. It includes mini versions of all of their best-selling colors! Finally, if you want to give someone a really luxurious gift, these silk pillowcases are unmatched. I hear they do absolute wonders for hair health. 

For the College Student

Maybe this is just the side of me still recovering from dead week talking, but I believe any college student would get good use out of a new coffee maker – bonus points if it can make lattes, too! A cute pair of running shoes are another necessity for any college girl because comfort is everything when you're walking to class. On that same note, fuzzy pullovers are my favorite to wear to class when I want to look cute but still be comfortable, and this one looks so soft and comes in a wide variety of colors! 

For the Sister

Coming up with a handful of ideas for sisters was a little tricky, too, because I feel like these are often very personalized gifts. Although, here's some that I thought of when thinking of both my own sister and myself. You probably have a pretty good idea of your sister's style, so cozy sweaters are always a good go-to. This cable knit one and this boucle cardigan are two awesome options! My sister is also obsessed with LuluLemon – as are probably most girls – so a new pair of leggings would likely make for a well-used gift. Finally, I'm quite the bookworm, so new books are one of my favorite gifts to receive. Depending on your sister's interests, this could make the perfect personalized present, too.

For the Mother

Anyone else think mothers are the hardest to shop for? I asked my own mom for some advice on this one, and she responded with alcohol. So, when in doubt, there's your answer! Another idea I thought of, though, is the Ember mug. It allows you to keep your coffee perfectly warm the entire time you're sipping. Say goodbye to the days of reheating or throwing out cold coffee! A nice coat is a perfect option, too, if you live someplace there is cold weather. I think this one is absolutely beautiful, and this one has a cozy faux fur hood. 

For the High Schooler

Last, but certainly not least, is the high schooler. I had to reach out to sister for ideas for this one because I'm starting to feel slightly more removed from this age group. At the time that all things vintage and thrifted are trendy, I think this polaroid camera would make the perfect accessory for capturing memories. On that same note, New Balance shoes are making a comeback, and this pink pair would make the cutest statement. Astrology and zodiac signs are another hot topic right now, and this jewelry set would be a perfectly personalized present!

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